Change of pace for a minute. I received this twice now so I thought some would find it helpful. Simply put WDFW is trying to get it website functioning better.

From: WDFW Web Project (DFW)
Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 11:20 AM
To: DFW DL WDFW Staff <>
Subject: Help us distribute a website study by Dec. 5

To all staff:

We are conducting a follow up study this week to test the preliminary organization of our new website. We did a similar study earlier this month, and we appreciate everyone who encouraged others to participate. After making changes based on results from the first round of testing, we are doing this second online study to help validate the effectiveness of the site structure.

Using a simplified set of website topics and subtopics, study participants will identify where they think specific information would be located. We want to ensure the new site structure makes sense for current website users as well as first-time visitors.

Please help us distribute this revised study to anyone interested in Washington's outdoors. We are specifically looking for responses from people who aren't avid hunters or anglers. Please forward the study link to friends, family, external colleagues, outdoor organizations, and educators, and encourage them to take the study by Tuesday, December 5.

Please refrain from taking the study yourself as we expect to have other ways for staff to provide feedback in the near future.

Link to the study:

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact me at<> or 360-902-2232. Website redesign project information is also available on the SharePoint project page<>.


Jim Blum
Website Redesign Project Manager
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