Well another thread running on seasons but I thought I would put some feathers on it here. Last night was the last advisers meeting and it had it's moments. Seems the NT commercial guys were unaware that the 14 day season proposed at NOF in Olympia went down to 7 and ............ ah..they did not take it well?

So as it stands now no 2 C or Hump netting. Chehalis bound Chinook limited things so if the NT's fish there it cuts back on Chehalis time.

Here is the Chehalis netting schedule for NT nets and keep in mind this does not include the QIN. Should work out with nets in the river 6 days a week for the month of October.

Chehalis with 25 % mortality on released wild ( unmarked ) Chinook. 25% mortality is from " soft data " not a study.

wk numbers

wk 40 / 0
wk 41 / 2
wk 42 / 1
wk 43 / 2
wk 44 / 2
wk 45 / 0
wk 46 / 0

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