The hearing and how did it go? Well it was better organized, ran fairly close to the rules, and we even had LE present! As to content Willapa reared its head in testimony as the Gillnetters wanted to know seasons or lack of. Then the usual but even they are catching on that the so called Management Plan is nothing but a sham.

Sports side good input from all but the defining moment came when Softbite laid out a documented, in detail, with photos & drawings of the Gillnetter that puts his net in three feet of water allowing the lead line to anchor it on the mud ( essentially create one huge set net ). SB even submitted the E mail string to enforcement objecting! Bloody good job I think.

So it is up to WDF&W now as they have seven weeks to finish up the process which includes responding to all objections in the Concise Statement, adopted by the Commission, filed with the Code Reviser, and then 31 days before it takes effect. This should be interesting to say the least.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in