This was forwarded to me and Larry was speaking to more than the individual who was the lead in the exchange. Bottom line I think Larry would be OK with the information being circulated.

B--- and others,

Sorry it has taken me this long to get back to you but I wanted to provide you with the most recent developments. As of today we have a meeting scheduled for next week to develop/discuss the spending proposal with the Co-managers. Dir Stohr (acting) has also been in contact with Quinault Nation President Fawn Sharp who indicated to him that they would like a resolution to this issue soon. For these reasons we are cautiously optimistic that we will reach an agreement regarding the use of these funds soon. Ron and I understand that folks are frustrated but ask that you give us a bit more time to work on a solution as it seems like we are making progress.

As for 7400, we have been in discussions with Green Diamond since access was closed a few years ago. We have reached an agreement on an alternative access point a few hundred yards downs stream from the old access. Currently we are in the final stages of permitting and (fingers crossed) are hopeful that we will be moving dirt soon. Again, a long time in coming but we are confident that we are very close to having something concrete to share with the sport fishing community.

We will be sure to reach back out with an update following the upcoming meetings.


Larry Phillips
Region 6 Director
WDFW, Montesano

Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in