A lot of good points and all can be 100% right or wrong depending on your perspective. Fact is for whatever reason for the huge hatchery Chinook production in Willapa it is the wrong fish & wrong place if terminal harvest is involved. To many hatchery fish on top of a very small natural production. Harry once told me a story about Chum. Seems he was asked if he could find a way to produce more fish at little cost. He took a look at the hatchery composition and came up with Chum fitting a low volume ( raceway / incubators ) opportunity in Hood Canal, so green light. After a bit of time off to the harvest managers and the question, " shouldn't we figure out how to harvest them first? " Ah nope was the answer we will figure that out later he was told. Now we all know that was a failure with all sorts of issues around the harvest.

So folks get your arms around the issue. The Willapa Chinook production is about feeding the ocean harvest pool. The terminal issues are simply secondary issues that need resolution.

As to fishing the South channel you better figure it out because that is where the fish are going to be. Also your NOS / HOS ratio is about to be the worse you can imagine. New world in Willapa is fast coming and you will need to adapt or stay home. These are the only two options available.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in