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Here is a change again. This is a e mail I received not my thoughts.

This is much better than Michelle Culver. I know, that bar was buried underground.........
He used to work for me. This one came out of the left field stands, third deck. But, Larry is/was a pretty good guy. He does fish a lot. Ocean (just bought a big boat), bay, river, lake, stream. He also hunts, or at least did. Has a lifetime license in Idaho.


From: Stohr, Joseph S (DFW)
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2017 12:35 PM
Subject: New Region 6 Director


Iím writing to let you know that after a very competitive hiring process we have selected Larry Phillips as our new Director for Region 6. Larry has been with the agency since 2000 holding fish management positions on both sides of the Cascades. His strong communication skills, natural resource knowledge and ability to connect with our stakeholders will serve the agency well. Please congratulate and welcome Larry into his new role.


We've known Larry for years, he IS one of us despite what some may think. This is good news, he has always been receptive to issues and thoughts we may have concerning numerous fisheries. Bob and Melanie