Trying to keep up so this ..... no I do not know the QIN proposed schedule or the NT Commercial for Grays Harbor. Now Region 6 knows the QIN position to be sure but it is my understanding that communications with the QIN have pretty much ground to a halt and last I know of is around the last PFMC meeting AND R-6 IS NOT SAYIN ANYTHING. So much for transparency but nothing new as WDF&W has always regarded the public with disdain.

Now as GH & Willapa go forward one should remember that R-6 Fish Program top gun is Steve Theisfeld BUT WE HAVE THE SAME CREW MANAGING DISTRICT 17 which is GH & Willapa drainages. So what you are about to see is a exercise that will resemble herding cats! The folks that manage District 17 ( or the current Director ) are not going to accept a conservation driven management plan and will require being dragged kicking & screaming into the modern era.

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Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in