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Recreational and WFDW-managed commercial fisheries shall be structured (e.g., schedule, location, gear) to minimize gear and other fishery conflicts. WDFW-managed commercial gillnet fisheries in a fishing area or aggregate area (i.e., Area 2A/2B/2D; or Area 2C) shall be scheduled, if possible, so that in any given calendar week there are a minimum of three consecutive days when no treaty or state-managed commercial fisheries occur. If the treaty fishery occurs 4 or more days in a calendar week, no WDFW-managed commercial fishery shall occur in the remaining days of the week

There's the loophole right there Riverguy.

That's no loop hole.

If possible means just that. If possible, the state fishery may go in.

If NOT possible, they're left to sit high and dry on the beach.

If the QIN schedule makes it impossible for the state fishery to fit in within the constraint of the mandated escapement window of 3 consecutive days in a calendar week, then the state does NOT fish.

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