This meeting tonight has a lot of folks wondering what the heck is going on so in chronological order. At the NOF kick off a GH Adviser thought a meeting suggested to him was a good idea. After getting home he changed his realizing it was inappropriate.

March 2
Subject: Meeting
Steve.. After severe consideration, I no longer wish to hold any meeting prior to Next Wednesday's meeting. I feel we will be out of step dealing with the policy. I therefore do not need the WDFW meeting room next Mon.
Joe & Duane, This decision comes, for me, with severe concerns. If some one wants to circulate their thoughts, feel free to do so at your expense.
Will see all at the Advisers meeting Wed, Mar. 9.

The same day this and look to the definition of number of people and who were invited to attend in red.
I feel we need to meet and talk with whoever wants to talk because this is a big issue......and several other people are coming so Steve, D and I and several others will be there.....
Thanks J

The same day this.
Based on the critical nature of this season and season setting process, Jxx and I as well as others will intend on meeting at 6pm on Monday. I feel it's very important to be united on the recreational side when you and staff and the advisors meet to ensure forward progress with less in-fighting. If we have agreement and goals that we are in agreement on, it should make your job and this process easier on all.
Which resulted in the following response from me.
Sent: Wednesday, March 2, 2016 1:08:41 PM
Subject: RE: Meeting
Steve Ron

XXX called and said you endorsed the Rec Advisers and some folks to get together to come together with a common approach to 2016 seasons. Lord guys I about had a stroke as I cannot do that. My reasons are below and I do have some ethics. I argued like everything to get the process open to the public and stop the perception of the advisers diving up the pie out of the public eye. It goes against everything I believe in.

B & J

Guys I cannot set down with some advisers and select people to put forth or agree to anything. If you recall XXX I fought like hell to get the adviser process open to get rid of the making deal bit. It goes against everything I stand for.

That said if someone sponsors a meeting with public notice for advisers to listen to input from the public to carry into the process I am good to go.



This was originally on the e mail became 30 plus names including the gillnetters followed by this from staff on March 4 and the five person group

Iím sending this notice to let you know that some folks from the Grays Harbor recreational fishing community want to get together Monday evening to talk about the upcoming 2016 salmon season. The Department has been asked if the Regional office can be used as the meeting place. This is NOT a Department meeting, but we will have the office available from 6 to 8pm Monday, March 7th. Department staff will not be available for questions. Again, the recreational fishing community want to get together to talk.

So you guys have to draw your own conclusions but until I yelled foul it was a limited by invite thing and only changed after I objected. So there it is make your own call as to what just happened.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in