It is common to cross things between places. GH has been managed for NOR always ( Hump Coho the exception ) and never managed for a directed hatchery harvest even when we had 6 times the production. Did make for rather good inriver fishing as NOR impacts limited hatchery harvest by nets. In tight times or situations such as the Hump C&R primarily Rec but hatchery fish are just a bonus. We are give or take 6 to 1 wild over hatchery in both Chinook & Coho so the concept that no hatchery fish would reduce NOR impacts is a bit of a reach. It is always the NOR impact limiting and targeted with hatchery in the mix. GH hatchery production is a small sideline thing that can be either a wash or beneficial but seldom to never a driver in harvest.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in