I was asked to identify what information in the Fishing The Chehalis library would be the simplest and best to get a quick read to understand the NOF data. The information exist primarily in a usable form in Excel spread sheets, Preseason and FRAM. While the FRAM maps out the harvest it also has a substantial amount of other information in the pages. You would want the Preseason Forecast spreadsheets that are separate for each of the three salmon species and are a wealth of historical information. Oh yeah almost forgot you want the 2012 sheets.

That was the easy part! If you want to view them go to the Library / WDF&W PDR Responses / PDR Responses Sorted and they are listed. To be honest folks you will still wander around a bit trying to find the year and sheets you want and then down load it. The simplest way is to send a request to me and I will find it for you.

Also the spread sheets when viewed in the library are separated into the many pages of the Excel sheets as that simply is the way the data base is viewed. If you down load them they are intact but some have trouble with them as they xlsx sheets which are compressed Excel.

About had enough of that bit? Don't blame you as breaking out all the information in the PDR was a real pain. So as I said contact me and I will get it to you in a useable form!

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