Pretty frustrating to read the QIN schedule. It's only a little worse than last year, but at least last year we got almost all of September to fish without nets in the river. As Rivrguy pointed out in the post above, they're only doing what the law allows them to do when WDFW refuses to allocate vacated impacts to the recreational side.

Really don't like the 5-day QIN fishery in mid-October. Haven't seen them go beyond 4 days during what they call their salmon season in recent memory. Disappointing, to say the least.

Also not fond of the fact they are allowed to retain white sturgeon. Questionable ethics, IMO, considering the generally depressed state of the Columbia stocks these days.

My assessment is that while the QIN may be operating legally, they're not doing so with any legitimate concern for conservation.

Depending on whether there is a NT commercial season in GH, this may still be a better year for sport opportunity (overall, on coho) than last. We can still hope for that....

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