Some of the questions I asked have been answered. With the construction of the pipeline across the lake and the ability to use Wynoochee water direct, the additional 60 k Steelhead will be mixed with the original 170K . The higher density in the raceways is now possible with pipeline water where as the prior usage of lake water did not allow high densities.

The net pens are to be a emergency stand by thing. Not sure I get this one but this will be clarified the 24th I think.

Accommodations for the 100k Coho will be made by altering the rainbow program.

Now the 400k in the Satsop? What I have outlined prior is about maximum loading for Aberdeen Lake. For myself it is unacceptable. The hatchery staff should be able to find a way to rear substantial portion of that 400K in a manner that they can be released in the Wynoochee and return to the Wynoochee. This gets into fish behavior and the Grays Harbor complex capabilities so this is something only the hatchery staff can do. So game on but 400k in the Satsop does not fly. They need to find a way to get 150k to 175k of the Satsop fish back to the Wynoochee to get its release to 250k to 300k.

Harvest wise I understand what staff told me but I will let them explain it. That one I have reservations about so I will not touch it.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in