Next up we have the Advisers meeting in the 8th for Willapa and 9th for GH at Montesano the 9th.

March 8th. Willapa Bay Advisory mtg. Raymond High School
March 9th. Grays Harbor Advisory mtg. WDFW Office Montesano
March 9-14 PFMC #1 Sacramento Ca. Double Tree Hilton
March 16-17 NOF #1 Lacey Committee Center
March 22nd. Willapa Bay Public mtg. TBD - Raymond Elks or High School
March 23rd. Grays Harbor Public mtg. Montesano City Hall

Attached is the Power Point presentation from the NOF meeting in Montesano. Lots of information to look at it but it is Chehalis Coho that should jump at you. The State is forecasting 40k and the QIN 30k. Big difference so I do not know what is the final going to be.

Also a paper by Bill Bakke is attached. For you science readers it is good read. ( E mail me if you want either of these two items )

Now my last item is not one I care for. Rather than try and answer the e mail questions here is what I know. At the NOF kick off meeting in Olympia a couple of guides and others got R-6 to agree to allow them to use the WDF&W offices for a Recreational user meeting for the 2016 seasons BUT only a select few were on the list. I went off the deep end and blew a gasket. Ain't no way no how R-6 should ever allow a sanctioned meeting out of the public eye and they did sanction it. If you recall I had to go to court and use the PDR process to get Advisers meetings open and the model unlocked.

This was followed by one involved coming back and saying he had thought it out and what they were doing was not right. Followed by e-mails from the guides to staff saying they still wanted to meet in Montesano. Then here comes a e mail from staff in Montesano on state letterhead announcing that there is a meeting for the people trying to do this but now stating staff will not be present. ( in the back rooms I guess as they have to have staff present to open the doors and oversee for security ) More e mails and these gillnetter comments drug me into the mud.

Gillnetter: W hy is the state even considering letting the recreational fisherman hold a meeting without staff being there. Don't they have a clubhouse for that. That is a waste of taxpayer money. The commercial fisherman already feel the state is siding with the recs now, I guess this proves it.

My Response: Whoa there. This thing has nothing to do with the Rec fisher. It is a couple of guides and some others and for heaven's sake nobody outside the selected few even know that this is happening. I objected but pretty much got swept aside so don't do this Rec's fault as they don't even know about it.

Oh it gets better later in the email thread from a gillnetter: This is good to know that the region six office is open to the public, maybe Tuesday we can sell girl scout cookies, Wednesday little league can sell donuts, Thursday cake of the month and Friday a bake sale for those out of work due to the policy!! Looks like not many know by the names on the list. Good to know what not many people are and that the region six office is open to the public with very little notice. Just curious what not many people is? Can we use the NRB building for the flavor of the month club next week?

Bottom line I will not be present for this attempt by some to manipulate the NOF process for their own interest at the expense of the inland Chehalis Basin fishers. I am not perfect by any means in fact I am a rather flawed person in my own view but I do have ethics and core values. The line in a movie went " my hypocrisy only goes so far " and this crap is off the deep end.

You know what amazes me ? Just how on earth did staff get sucked into this knowing the history of this basin? If you figure it out you let me know.

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