Every now and then a gem comes through my computer. Despite the claims of "how wonderful" from some many who live in this area and know it are rather appalled at the lack of honesty in the recent openings for inriver fishers after the massive commercial over harvest of the down sized Coho returns. I think this e mail about captured it. Oh not many hatchery Coho in the so called Satsop opening mostly Chinook a few wild Coho. By the way where and the hell did the retain two Chinook on the Hump come from?

Mr. Thiesfeld,


I have discovered where the West Wishkah bridge is located. Just below the Wishkaw school (turn left at Okie Thompson's store).

So with that research complete, what is the purpose???

Farmers fields with no public access and posted no trespassing signs everywhere.

Is this a PR move to say "look we have opened up rivers to allow fishing. There is virtually no access points for the sportsman.

The Humptulips river from Reynvaans bar upstream is Rayonier lease land or private keep out areas until a couple of access points for combat fishing below the hatchery.

And to think we pay you people to make decisions like this???????????? If I get this correct a person with private land or a lease will be able to fish.

You folks are entrusted by the citizens of Washington to manage the resources and just because there is a piece of paper on the wall does not make any of you an expert and the is quite evident watching poor decision making taking place one after another.

So again I ask any of you what is the thinking behind opening small sections of a few GH rivers that most anglers can not access?

I look forward to you reply and not just a political correct one.

I'll close by offering something that all you should be required to print out and place on your desk to see every day:

"Good customer service is not just about the time things are going well, but when they are going bad and how fast I can get things back in the well column".
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in