Ok we have the interim the interim policy draft, and the final ( as of now ) Willapa Policy Draft Presentation and Interim can be sent to anyone wanting it, just PM me your address. The Grays Harbor presentation I do not have as it had a error in it so Steve is trying to get it fixed before it goes out & about.

Now on the draft it is full of strike outs and colors that make a C&P impossible so it is PM time here also. To put this in perspective in the interim policy only one change by the Commission the 20% harvest rate was reduced to 14%. WDF&W went with 20% ended up with 37% plus change. So now they have a problem how does WDF&W do something that they have always said they would / could do and have failed miserably at? No idea here but I certainly would not want Steve Thiesfeld's job!!!
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in