Here's my take on the "build a wild run of "wire coded" Coho on the Wynoochee......grrrrrrrr

3 sportsmen from Grays Harbor have been a "pain in the ass, of WDFW not doing what they should have been doing for more than 25 years".

This "wire coded marked Coho, with no sport caught, non-clipped allowed" is just another way of WDFW thumbing their noses at Wynoochee salmon fishermen.

To allow all the fisheries, Alaska, Canada, ocean, GH Marine, 2 gill net fisheries and all the Chehalis in-river before the fish have a chance to even get to the Wynoochee.....THEN TO ALLOW NO WYNOOCHEE SPORT CAUGHT COHO FOR A ADDITIONAL 5 YEARS, IS A RON WARREN PAY BACK, yep I can believe he would do that.

If a larger "wild run" was a WDFW goal, why wasn't more of the current unmarked Coho, NOT TRUCKED, above the dam thus being forced to spawn in the lower river/streams below the dam???????

In years past, there was even a Chinook fishery and for many years a Coho fishery allowed until January 31...

We'll never really know.....closed meetings, and the closed meetings never really included all the "parties that supposedly need to sign off" on the final Wynoochee Mitigation.....something smells!!!
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