Carcassman, Agree, big river chinook are not the priority. My arguement is if we care about the species, they should be rather than ESA listed fish on dinky streams. The reason chinook will fair poorly in creeks is that most don't have the in river habitat to support many fry. Gotta do some growin before the estuary will work.

Dave I agree, that some action needed to be taken, but the path chosen was lose-lose-lose (for conservation, commercial, recs). Staying with Naselle could have been win, lose, win. It was a dumb switch.

Francis, I am not accustomed to being skunked on WB. I think its happened to my boat 6 times in the past decade. More than half of them have been at the hands of the south bay. Thus my pesimism.

Granted an n of 4 is not huge, but given success rates in other areas is a bit daunting.
Dig Deep!