Link is to D's Rant on the FTC website. In our recent PDR we received some very interesting pieces of information ( which are linked to ) regarding the NT Commercial WAC. Bottom line R-6 staff were informed that they were violating the WAC process in 2011 and they simply ignored it. No need to read the Rant if you do not care to but the links will provide insight in how R-6 does business. This is a link to the first installment on PDR 13108 we just received. The larger files are multiple e mails ( hundreds ) so when you open the file you will have to do a down load ( usually on a prompt ) and get a warning that the file is to large to scan but the files are virus free so just hit a download. You will see a list of e mails at the top of the page and it scrolls and you can open each up. Adobe Reader or Adobe is required and some of what I outlined will differ dependent on how your computer is set up. Interesting reading.

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