Just so all know with out getting myself shot, Willapa is heating up. It appears by Commercial landings that a bunch of fish showed in the last day & a half of the three day dip in fishery. From reports it appears they are still building up but still a lot of Columbia fish in 2T yet and as they peel out the Willapa fish arriving will fill the void. Enjoy guys and it is long overdue!

Well in Grays Harbor no news as to how WDF&W matches up the requirements of the Grays harbor Management Plan and the proposed net seasons. The issue of the Humptulips Wild Coho not making escapement for 23 years is going to come home with a bit of drama somewhere before the Commercial CR 103 is filed. How bad off are we? I do not know as Region 6 has not released the 2014 Harvest Model fully functioning. Yes we have the model but the Summary Tab which allows you to see the impact of all the fisheries has been locked up. ( not useable ) What is known is there is no way no how NOR Humtulips Coho ( wild ) will make escapement before any harvest QIN or Non Treaty. So we have a problem as the GHMP directs that harvest be set with the intent of making escapement.

This guys is a complex issue that with the new GHMP cannot be ignored as WDF&W did for nearly 30 years. The best description I have seen is " WDF&W screwed the pooch so long that there is going to hell to pay". This issue has been right out in the open but most have not taken the time to get their arms around the issue. That the Rec WAC is in place is true but not the Commercial and both can be modified. The Commercial CR 103 is still to come and it is a simple Emergency Rule on the Rec side to change things. So as I have posted before that Grays Harbor has a really big issue and it resides in the Humptulips NOR Coho. ( wild spawners )

This dance is going to be interesting to watch play out as there is not a pain free way out, only varying degrees of pain.

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