When you look at 2012 it is easy enough to see the in river fishery got screwed big time as did the the fish. The co-managers targeted the Coho harvest on the front 40% of the run which just plain wrong. Disregarded the Chum populations above Fuller Hill and continued to destroy the upper Chehalis Chum stocks by targeting the higher producing hatchery supported lower river stocks. Agreed to allow the QIN to harvest 18% into Chinook escapement, then the fish did not show so massive over harvest.

2012 in the Chehalis Basin violated about every rule in the book for conservation driven harvest allocation. It was about sacrificing Chinook & Chum stocks & the in river sport to drive commercial fisheries on abundant Coho. Somebody want to tell me again how great of a job Mr. Anderson is doing?

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Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in