I posted the bit below ( high-lighted ) in the other thread by mistake so catching up. That said I was asked what is the importance of the WK 41 On Board Observer reports. Well it is about the mortality or number of adult Chinook that will not survive the contact & release from the NT Commercial nets. If you recall first WDF&W R-6 D-17 went with 14.7% and that did not fly so on to 25% in the last model. If you look at the report 67% of the adults were OK ( vigorous ) and 33% either dead or on their way to being dead. Now this is the immediate ( or close to ) mortality. In the best scenario in the Columbia it was 1% to 3% immediate mortality followed by another 13.7% that did not survive to spawn. Some studies have it as a much higher % moralities on the post release survival. Bottom line is the mortality is somewhere 47.7% and 70% of the released Grays Harbor Chinook are goners. Now this is the best as the Chehalis is not the Columbia and Chehalis Fall Chinook are not the same as Columbia Springers. This is important because if the actual impacts are put into the model it means less time for the NT nets. So the NT days based on a 25% figure pretty much are and continues to be pure bs as a lot of people have been saying. It is called " cookin the books"

The link is to WDF&W website for commercial. http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/commercial/salmon/landings.html Now as I am NEVER shy about kicking the cra- out District 17 staff I must put this out also. When you get to the website scroll to GH Non Indian and look for the Weekly Observer Summary and hit the WK 41 link ( it is a link ) and it is the encounter ratio Onboard Observer report for Chinook, Coho & Chum. Now I can tell you they did not do this without prodding. That said it was requested and without any fanfare Mr. Warren, Kirt Hughes and staff got it done.

So on this issue I sincerely thank R-6 D-17 staff for the change and effort.

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