Sorry I did not get this out sooner but the hearing challenging the Willapa Commercial Net Season was yesterday and Judge Wickham did not issue his ruling until today. Tim has a complete write up on FTC along with all the documents. Look through everything if you wish but even if you do a quick read of the documents the complexity of this issue will be rather apparent. Boiled down Judge Wickham rejected a injunction as the request did not meet the legal standards required. He then indicated in his oral comments that the rejection of the injunction was not the end of the road but rather the issues are complex and will get a complete review and scrutiny as legal process moves forward. I urge you to read the posting on FTC that I linked to previously to get the full picture of the past two days in Thurston County Court.

My thoughts? I have many to sort out but at this stage I think it is a big THANKS Mr. Frawley, our attorney, for the huge effort he has put together for this effort and the PDR legal action. The same kudos for Tim, Art, and Ron for taking the issue on after so many years of pillage of the fisheries resource in the Willapa Estuary.

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