August to December 2015...observations.......GH Region

1. Many more fisherpersons.....If WDFW would have more checkers at all the launch sites, this would have been very evident. Its almost like WDFW doesn't want to know the success rate of the new plan.

2. Areas in the upper tide water reach, Chehalis......people were there on the August 16th opening.....jack fishermen were in all the usual places, only more fishermen....... lots of jacks and many of the early Silvers were caught......for those that toughed it out, fish were available, in the Chehalis.....until middle of December.

3. Upper reaches of Chehalis....lets say above Fuller Bridge....good fishing, September - December.

4. Tribs-----lots more fishermen this year, everywhere.....spinners, plugs, twitching...all did very well.

5. What worked????? You name it, fish were caught using whatever.

Did 4/3 work?????? I'd say it worked very well, excapement and in-river people, were the direct benefit of this addition to the model.

IMO....the sports community need to let the Commission and Region 6 management know your opinions on 4/3.

I'm sure the "NT gill netters", are gearing up to let the Commission and WDFW know their side of 4/3.

Happy New Year.....
"Worse day sport fishing, still better than the best day working"

"I thought growing older, would take longer"