My observations, on Saturday 6/13/2015

1. Fish committee of the WDFW did lots of thinking on this final draft of the Willapa Plan.

2. Closed a loop hole that I've hated, that was if the "fleet caught to many fish" in a season, the general attitude was "Oh well". WDFW fish committee put in a penalty box, " if too many fish are taken over the 20% limit", then in the next season that amount will be taken off their total for the new season. No one will ever convince me, that the fleet doesn't know when they are 16 - 20% over what they are entailed to catch.

3. NO netting in 2 T and 2 U, until September 16!!!!!!

I don't even fish Willapa, just been VERY interesting to watch the NOF process this year....

Should be a very good sport fishery, go for it !!!!!!
"Worse day sport fishing, still better than the best day working"

"I thought growing older, would take longer"