Lot in that question SG so rather than try a part at a time this. The Willapa river & N. River became prime but not Naselle due to the fact that Forks Creek Chinook just plain stray all through the Willapa River system. Coho not so almost no straying out of Forks Cr for Coho. Chinook do not want to come out of the main river into small water so Forks Cr for Chinook was a terrible choice at that location. Again as in Naselle the thing is this. YOU GOTTA HAVE A WEIR THAT WORKS AND WATER TO ATTRACT RETURNING ADULTS INTO THE FACILITY and Forks Cr fails for different reasons just as Naselle does.

To be honest the situation is more about Phil Anderson's determination to maintain the Willapa's gillnet fisheries and ignore HSRG requirements as to siting hatchery production more than anything. This is a mess made by ignoring things until all hell breaks loose.

As to the Nemah it would be the facility of the least risk for Chinook ( genetics ) but has issues also. Gotta run to the dock but Salmo the gillnetters told WDF&W that switching to Chinook would not work and staff at the time felt different. Hell walk up to Ron's office and ask him he had a huge role in this mess.

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