I'll simply state how refreshing it would be to JUST ONCE see a treaty tribe admit to SOME degree of accountability for the declining salmon populations.

Without ranting I will put this out to chew on. The QIN asked R-6 Fish Program if their proposed 2014 seasons violated any court agreed to escapement goals" & the answer was NOPE. The court mandated escapement goals are for Grays Harbor and all the streams empting into it and do not break them down by tributary streams. So the QIN manages itself ( no co management here ) for 50% harvestable across the bar FOR THE ENTIRE WATERSHED COMBINED. Now the state separated the Humptulips and Chehalis years bck but the tribe did not agree to amend their court rights and frankly appear unwilling to consider doing it either. So you have two different views on how things are managed. When all streams are combined in that manner then the total of escapement has been met or is close in recent years. This results in the final total looking OK but tributaries some down ( about 1/3 of the Chehalis watershed crashing with Chum & Humptulips Wild Coho never making escapement ) and some way up depending on the year & all three species run size.

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