Here are the requirements that go with a stream designation. This is why in a model run gets you such different values. It is also why WDFW calls the Willapa stabilizing or the same for Naselle. By identifying Willapa or Naselle to a insignificant stabilizing designation you fool the AHA Model into violating HSRG standards. It commonly called tricking the model. For WDFW it seems old habits die hard.

HSRG Requirements:
Designation Standards
&#61550; Integrated hatchery programs--PNI > 0.67; pHOS <30%
&#61550; Segregated hatchery programs—pHOS < 5%

&#61550; Integrated hatchery programs--PNI > 0.50; pHOS <30%
&#61550; Segregated hatchery programs—pHOS < 10%

&#61550; Integrated hatchery programs—current condition
&#61550; Segregated hatchery programs—current condition

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