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Back in the day, pre-season planning meant developing in-season updates that used commercial catch (catch per landing generally) and utilized Indian, non-Indian, or both-depending on which worked best. Further, models were developed for each week of the fishery, so long as accuracy of the model improved.

As Doc noted, it does require actually fishing and killing fish to implement.

I took the 2010-2014 five-year average of the June, July and August Coho harvest and divided it by the 2015 average for the same months and came up with this yearís harvest of Coho was down app. 96% over the five year average.

Why wouldn't that translate into the terminal areas?

One would have to be blind in one eye and canít see out of the other to recognize that the Coho had an extremely poor showing this year in the ocean areas at an early time frame.

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