OK this bit is from being around fish for 30 years and a bit of strange behavior they have. Looking at the river this morning it is a black color which is good. The thing is Coho move in strange ways and this year certainly jumped in that pot but always and I mean always do one thing. Irregardless of when they enter the bay they do not make a move to the spawning grounds until the rains ( we call it the beaver pond dump ) and that black acidic water that is carrying the build up in the ground and ponds of the byproducts of summer which simply looks black. Well from someplace a lot made the middle tidewater today and from this point on no staging folks. The 3 plus inches forecast today should finish it off but the Chehalis is graphed to drop hard to average or below average flows.

So we will fish moving fish not staging ( unless it gets really cold which is unlikely ) on dropping flows. This year has been a good inland year and if the forecast holds it looks to continue. Just put your cursor on the dots in the Chehalis watershed to see. https://www.nwrfc.noaa.gov/rfc/

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