On Willapa some are asking what the hell back to the Commission. Ah yes but it is not to undo, well kinda. You see Section 7 ( if I recall correctly ) addresses commercial over fishing. More or less if the NT's over fish then supposedly back to the Commission on how to pay back. Did not do that last year ( insert reason of choice here ) so this year staff must do so. Sounds OK but it could be a bit weird out. The Recs have been steadily using more of their share of NOR impacts and the NT's modeled at 20% the last two years but got 25% of Nor impacts. Logic would say except the error and simply do 15% to get 20% but that would be a bit of a buzz saw at the least. Even if they do that chances are the numbers are not going be correct which will compound the problem.

This is a issue seeking a solution.

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