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Question? Do the QIN use full wild brood each year or just add in a % of wild to each years production?

If they use full wild brood then the concept that it is a hatchery fish different from the wild is incorrect other than behavioral changes not genetic. If it is a multi generation hatchery product of natural origin with wild added then that means it is what is normal for a integrated stock. If the point is any hatchery fish of genetic source is not compatible due to simply being reared for a portion of its life is unacceptable then that would be off center bubble also.

I'm thoroughly confused? If wild stock brood has always been used in a system, never contaminated w/ an outside stock, the genetics should remain the same whether generations are reared in hatchery pens or not? Is it the time spent in a hatchery pen rearing environment that is the devil that F's thing up? Or, like the Quinault, does the generation after generation used, just turn into to the problem, even though originally from in system wild stock?
Does the Vedder use captured wild sock every year for it's hatchery production? Or, do they have hatchery returns that supply it?
Also, the Quinault Tribe used to live capture all wild it's brood stock from a net strung out in the lake. I new an employee on net watch and hung out there for a day 7-8 yrs ago. They did sort and breed nothing under 15#.
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