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Update- August 24, 2013.

There has been a flurry of motions and briefs filed by the Willapa Bay Gillnetters Association (WBGA) and WDFW's counsel from the Office of Attorney General. The AG handling the case for WDFW has comfirmed he is working as if on the same team with the firm representing the WBGA. The paper flying is amazing. As an example, WDFW has just filed new briefs amending its responses and the declaration of Region 6 manager Ron Warren to correct numerous errors in Mr. Warren's intitial declaration. The WBGA has filed a motion to strike portions of my declaration claiming, as one example, I don't have any personal knowledge that the public was upset over WDFW ignoring them in NOF and other proceedings used by WDFW to pass the season (I personally delivered petitions with hundreds of signatures and numerous individual letters of opposition to WDFW during the season setting process).

The revised filings will be posted on this page once we can sort through the growing mountain of paper being thrown at our side by WDFW and the WBGA.

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