Ah yes the Fish Committee, SG your correct as it is a element of the process seldom seen or known about really. That said read the agreement and it is stated flat out it is the signators City of Aberdeen QIN, WDF&W ( used to be both Game and Fisheries ), Chehalis Tribe, TCL have to sign off on any changes in the mitigation. The Fish Technical Committee has never really been involved SG just basically window dressing to rubber stamp things and cover the agencies ass.

Now for the record here CM and I sat through meetings at Bristol for many years and have the minutes. In fact it was in that process that two plans came together including the one previously mentioned. To be blunt it was Ron Warren who screwed up the first shot and Jim Scott the second but former Regional Director Sue Patnude's effort to hijack the money to do habitat restoration and call it mitigation is my all time favorite.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in