Well here you go folks the additional 4 WDFW picked to work beside the Willapa Advisers that Region 6 picked in recent years. If the goal was get a broad cross section of Willapa citizens to participate in a process that will most certainly effect many in the future ( and the fish ) it safe to say that IS NOT what WDF&W did.

Iím very pleased to forward your appointment letter to the Willapa Bay Ad-Hoc Salmon Advisory Committee. The Ad-Hoc Committee will consist of the existing Willapa Bay Salmon Advisors and 4 new appointees. New appointees are:

Dean Antich, South Bend Products
Tim Hamilton, retired consultant petroleum industry
Brian Kraemer, research associate professor, medicine, UW
Paul Philpot, Pacific County Economic Development Council

Existing Willapa Bay Advisors include:

Marlisa Dugan, recreational angler and campground owner
Francis Estalilla, recreational angler
Steve Gacke, recreational angler
Lance Gray, commercial fisher
Steve Gray, commercial fisher
Allan Hollingsworth, retired commercial fisher
David Hollingsworth, commercial fisher
Bob Lake, commercial fisher
Andy Mitby, commercial fisher
Bob Mulhauser, recreational angler
Norm Reinhardt, recreational angler
LeeRoy Wisner, recreational angler

The first public meeting will be an open house on October 25th in Raymond. We will the follow that up with the first Ad-Hoc Committee meeting on October 27th. Iíve attached the news release with the meeting locations and dates so you can mark your calendar.

I look forward to working with you over the next four months to find solutions to the annual concerns over salmon in Willapa Bay. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns.

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