Well the first two meetings in the process to create a new Willapa Management Plan are done. The first was a "open house " for the public. Second was for the AD HOC Committee created by the agency to " advise " them. Strange as it sounds both meetings were very similar as both were informational only and the agency took input, sorta, maybe, kinda. So here we go from my notes.

October 27, 2014 AD HOC Willapa Advisers

* Right out of the door the Commercials wanted to know just why WDFW had added five individuals to the AD HOC group rather than just use the past " advisers." Which by the way are dominated by non local Rec and commercial fishers.

* Region 6 Manager Steve Theisfeld gave a run down on the process and explained it well I think. No support from the commercials here. In addition Steve said the current Willapa Plan had not been formally adopted. Now that I am not sure of as staff ( including the Director ) has said it was so a little drama. Steve outlined mandates that govern WDFW which are laws passed by the legislators and are RCW's. The other leg is the Washington Administrative Code ( WAC ). From these directives WDFW sets time / place / manner of harvest.

* Next up Steve outlined the internal agency processes. The Commission creates broad guidelines and the agency develops actions to implement and comply with Commission Direction.

* The HSRG Guidelines to be implemented by 2015 were addressed as was the directive to protect wild stocks. The gillnetter position articulated was Willapa has no native or wild or natural origin recruits so kill them all. No need to conserve.

At this point Steve asked each member of the AD HOC Committee to put forth the single most pressing issue in their view. So here we go.

* Manage Resource for ALL citizens equitably.
* Raise as many fish as possible and harvest all so no surplus. ( wipe out )
*Viable runs of NOR fish in all major Willapa streams including Bear R.
*Develop a plan that is sustainable.
* Research and develop alternate gear. ( not supported by the commercials )
* Increase Rec opportunity by limiting commercial time on the water.
* This is a load of BS and confusing.
* Want Willapa to be the poster child for how to raise fish and harvest them.
* The need exist to evaluate the component stocks.
* Sustainable harvest.
* Large scale hatchery and harvest no need for NOR or Wild stocks.
* Maximum hatchery production especially Chum.
* Maximum sustainable economic value for harvest while meeting conservation objectives.
* Address ocean interception. Ron Warren explained the issue and pretty much painted a gloomy picture. One of the truly low points as no recognition that WDF&W HAS LET THIS HAPPEN.
* Commission will have the final say on the plan and not the AD HOC advisers.
* No single recommendation to the Commission but rather a menu to choose from.
* Willapa hatchery practices and production problematic.
* Selective fishing methods with alternate gear. ( again not supported by commercials )

So there you are my notes from the AD HOC Committee meeting, meeting #2 of the Willapa Management Plan process.

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