The Department of Fish & Wildlife has asked the Twin Harbors Fish & Wildlife Advocacy ( THFWA ) to assist them with a public notice so I thought this is a good way to help them out. Those interested can access data, files and information that has been presented to the members of the scientific panel studying mortality rates for selective fishing with a gillnet in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor using a special "box" set up for the Panel members. The public can access all the files provided the Panel by WDFW at

To access the files and presentation made to the Panel from the Twin Harbors Fish & Wildlife Advocacy, those documents are also available for viewing and downloading on the website at

Much of the process that was dictated by the out of court settlement between THFWA and WDF&W on the 2013 seasons has been posted up before in this thread. Now that said it is a lot of dry reading but it is important for those who have a desire to keep pace and comprehend the difference between NOF in the past and the 2014 process. It is substantial and I or someone will post a update on workshop that took place on 2/26 on gillnet mortalities soon.

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