These are the preseason Chehalis forecast numbers. Little jumbled but Bingham and the Springs have 10K on paper so far which is around half of the RS expectation so far. Keep in mind that the 600k smolt of the lates production are yet to come. RS appears to be in the paramiters of the forecast as the natural % survival mirror the hatchery so that is good.

Chinook Coho
Natural Hatchery Total Natural Hatchery Total
19,500 4,410 23,910 31,028 12,319 43,347
9,753 578 10,331 28,506 1,500 30,006
9,747 3,832 13,579 2,522 10,819 13,341
4,874 1,916 6,790 1,261 5,410 6,671

Now the bad. The Chinook forecast was way off judging by tribal harvest but a bunch jetted on the high water so hopefully enough showed. With AK harvesting on prediction it gets dicey in a collapse this large. The Chum are scarce and that is not good. They are the bulk of the nutrients in the bottom half the watershed and that will impact the Coho fry survival which will effect the Steelhead.

Few of anything are moving through tidewater today. Hell I had six seals trailing me around and I never seen a fish taken by anybody fur or no fur. Going to be a long three weeks until the Nov guys show.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in