As always questions are out and about on this falls season. This time up we have wild retention in 2-2 with a weak forecast. So I asked the question which got this response:

Morning Dave,

The reason for the Oct 1 opener and not Sept 16 was the lengthy conversation about the one-and-done concept. Although we aren’t enforcing “one-and-done” the idea was that with the higher release mortality in marine waters verses freshwater, allowing the retention of a wild Coho would possibly reduce the encounter rate of those fish, not having to sort through several to get to a hatchery fish. I remember the conversation about this in freshwater also, but there was importance in the longer season to access the later returning Coho.

Does this help?

Now inriver we are full blown catch and release on unclipped Chinook & Coho. Why? Because in order to insure the November & December Coho fisheries we had to stretch our impacts out. If not likely no November or December which are rather important Rec months inriver. The GHMP 3/5 prevented a Chinook fishery which as it worked out was OK as the QIN took em on paper and came up with a goose egg. So inriver we will accept the hooking mortality just as in Steelhead to insure the late salmon season is not taken away ...... again as in last year.

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