River changed quite a bit, for the first time in quite a while, below the new split by Stormy's place. I think the switch from the old channel being dominant to the new changed (sped up?) the dynamics of the flow downstream. The big elbow hole where the channels join back together used to slow the flow to a near stop at that point in the past, but since the change, it pushes down through that area much more quickly, likely driving lots of change downstream during last rainy season.

I'll need to take a walk down the lower before it rains, to see how the water below is looking. For the past several years, it seems to me the fishing down there has gotten to be a timing thing. To some extent, it always has been (tides), but it seems like the fish don't hold down there for any length of time anymore, so unless you hit moving fish, you often won't see much happening, even during high season. Hopefully, there is some new holding water down there somewhere. More likely, it's just straightening out more (going the wrong direction), but it's an excuse to go exploring, and I needed one.