Triple??? [Bleeeeep!], we're at 5-10% of pre-rape and pillage. Might not even be able to see much effect from tripling.

I bet that most folks think, as I did, that MSY management is somehow based on the biology and ecology of the fish. It is really nothing more than applying economics to fish. What is the MINIMUM investment I am forced to make in order to Maximize my returns. Kinda Wall Street view.

We were in "Fish Managers" training once and the instructor showed that by making a modest increase in escapement that harvest would be more consistent because managing to MSY (or anything) as a point should be missed low half the time. Most there argued against putting in the cushion since those were "harvestable" fish.

Another time, a group of us was trying to define OSG (Optimum EG) with optimum including a cushion, some ecological bennies, and so on. We just, at that time, couldn't come up with strong enough arguments as all the Stakeholders wanted every one of "their" fish.