The key is that we are now officially in the NOF process.

That process is ALL about killing fish…. who gets to kill 'em, where and when they get killed…. typically right down to the last available fish

NOF has nothing to do with conservation. Conservation has already been put in place by policy. At no point in history has the bar for conservation ever been set so high in Grays Harbor. Once the preseason forecasts are plugged into the policy provisions…. escapement to the gravel, tribal agreements/treaties, the 3 out 5 escapement guideline, the 3-day escapement window, and the new commercial ban on directed chinook fisheries…. what (hopefully) emerges on the either end is a finite number of fish left for the fishing industry (rec and comm) to harvest.

To the fullest extent possible, NOF seeks to kill them in a 2014 harvest management plan that sets rec and comm fishing seasons intended to maximally utilize every available paper fish.

I realize that turns a lot of people off. Those folks must accept that if they wanna go fishing, FISH WILL DIE! And if they want the best seasons possible, in terms of time/area/bag, recs MUST assert their claim to the available harvest…. right down to the last fish. There is no shame in that. Rest assured that conservation has already come off the top…. we simply seek to make the best of what's left .

Time to get busy killing some fish.
"Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." (Zane Grey)

"If you don't kill them, they will spawn." (Carcassman)

The Keen Eye MD
Long Live the Kings!