I was asked to update the Chehalis fall season process and not much to say really. Nothing, not a peep from the co managers since the Montesano hearing on the Commercial CR 102 Supplemental. As to the QIN netting schedule I do not have a clue. So it is still wait and see time as after that innovative bit of rule making Mr. Anderson did in the Willapa I am finished with guessing.

Now to this little ditty below and as in many things it is the thought process that gets you there not what is said. This is a meeting between WDF&W & QIN technical staff in 2010. Nothing special until you get to Escapement Item 1 & 2. Now to item 1 in Red , " is there an issue? " You got to be joking has to be your first thought! Chinook seldom make escapement and the same with Chum. Steelhead ain't got a picnic coming either.

Item 2 in Purple "e.g. when we have underescapement, does this mean we are not meeting our escapement goal or that we are not obtaining enough data?" Good lord when you short the gravel with Chinook year after year and wipe out up river Chum stocks it is because they did not get out of the office and do enough redd counts?

The bloody fish do not stand a chance in R-6 with this management approach.

Technical Meeting: QIN and WDFW
Scheduled Data and Location: August 20, 2010 in Taholah
Please schedule for 9:30 or 10 am at the earliest; shall we work through lunch and everyone brings their food? WDFW participants will be Curt Holt, Barbara McClellan, Rick Ereth, Charmane Ashbrook, and likely Kirt Hughes

Management Related
1. Coho marine survival estimation used to forecast 2010 coho return, Larry Gilbertson
2. WDFW presents timeline for steelhead accelerated management
a. Cooperation with QIN? Ability to get data sooner, scale data.
b. Pre-season forecast on Sept 1
3. How can management process at technical level be improved?
a. Scale data obtained and analyzed sooner
b. Meeting deadlines (steelhead & salmon)
c. Bingham Creek CWT collection at hatchery, was this an issue in 2009-10?
d. Communication style email, phone, prior notice?

Escapement/ spawning survey related (note: many of these topics will be discussed by Rhoads and Holt previously on August 4th, 2010, and they will update us on their conversation)
1. By species, is there an issue?
a. Chum
b. Coho (e.g. WDFW sampling of Chehalis tribal catch)
c. Chinook
d. Steelhead

2. Data quality (e.g. when we have underescapement, does this mean we are not meeting our escapement goal or that we are not obtaining enough data?)
3. Maple Glen Chum HPA & and request for help trapping beaver and taking out beaver dams.
4. Chum escapement methods
a. Curt provides one page handout on what was done before
b. Charmane provides some initial results from analysis
c. Plan a meeting to focus on just this topic?
5. 2008 Chehalis coho escapement, method change issue (Wynoochee Satsop or subunit)
6. Other suggestions? (i.e. How can escapement/ spawning surveys be improved?)

1. Grays Harbor HAIP process and stock designation
2. Green sturgeon and ESA, WDFW has sent letter of intent to NMFS about WDFW fishery impacts
3. Lamprey estimates WDFW received funding from UWFWS to extend steelhead surveys, trend for this year is downward

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