Thanks for all you do. In general, most people have no idea of the amounts of time and effort it takes to get fisheries where there is so much competition for EVERY fish.

Grays Harbor is one of the tough area for the above tide water sportspersons. The tide water demands for salmon is unbelievable, QIN takes their part, NT wants their share, and more, and of course the sports fishers.

The GHMP, at least, try's to level the playing field. Is the GHMP perfect, no...but it is better than the recent past. Wasn't many years ago, that there was a marine sport fish, then some weeks of 7 days of gill netting between the QIN and NT. I sometimes fish the upper tide water area of the Chehalis.....there might be 7 - 10 boats, "hog lined" and no one catching any fish for days at a time.

I like the GHMP, once some of the "bumps" are worked out...it will be in the best interests of first, fish conservation, then the others will come into line.

I know this for sure...the increase demands by the total amount of people for areas to salmon fish, are not going to decline. Sports fishing dollars far out weigh the value of a commercial caught fish.

My neighbors are going to hate the "1 fish and done" fishery, that is being "kicked around"....BUT that is better than no fishery.
"Worse day sport fishing, still better than the best day working"

"I thought growing older, would take longer"