Many on here know where I like to fish......Low water flows, and lot's of that "moss crap" has decreased my desire to fish jacks. Every cast, collects that "moss crap", on bait, line, weight. Even trying to fish float and eggs, the result is the same.

This is the 1st year in a loooooooong time, that I've been the only boat for days at a time......and even more amazing is the walk in fishermen, are not there......I mean its 9/10/17, normally there would be many fishermen, there and trying.

Hate to say this....cause the rains might not stop, but a 2-3 fast rise would aid in getting the "moss crap" to move along. Twitching, spinners, plugs, spoons would be VERY TOUGH to fish.....9/16/17 is fast approaching.

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