& the awnser is below and THX to Barb for clearing it up.

The June 24th public hearing is for comments relating to the two marine areas 2.1 and 2.2 for WB and GH. Those proposed regulations are filed in a different WAC than the freshwater regulations and that WAC is filed through the folks in Olympia not through me. So if anyone wants to provide public comments for either of the marine areas in WB or GH they need to either send in those comments to the Rules Coordinator or attend the hearing on the 24th.

If they have comments for any proposed freshwater regulations for WB, GH or North Coast they should attend the hearing on June 21st or send in their comments to the Rules Coordinator.

If you look on the email you received below, I included the title that the regulations are listed under on our webpage. I also highlighted in red what WACs the public hearing was for; the hearing on the June 21st said Coastal Freshwater Rules and WB Recreational Boundary and the hearing on the 24th said Saltwater seasons.

I hope that makes sense now. Let me know if it is still unclear.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in