Well nope on the breakout on natural & hatchery in the gravel but rather just what I posted. I just happened to be asking about another model and Mike provided what I posted up C&P. Frankly with so many waiting to see the numbers I was really appreciative of him sharing the preliminary numbers with us all. With the numbers of hatchery Chinook and the fact natural brood is used the hatchery in the gravel numbers will be well within parameters.

I worry about Hump Coho. Staff did not afford the same protections that they attempted to do in the Chehalis. After nearly 25 years of not making escapement the failure to reduce NOR impacts could have some dire consequences. I hope Mike and his guys get the numbers on Coho out soon. Regardless it was nice to get the preliminary Chehalis Chinook numbers and I for one appreciate Mike providing the public the numbers he did on Chinook. Does not always work like that.

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