Willapa Bay/Grays Hbr Policy Dilemma
Wynoochee Mitigation
Point No Point Ramp
NOF Co-Management Dysfunction
Departmental Transparency
Successive River Closures/Lost Fishing Opportunity
Native v. Hatchery Genetics
Revenue/Budget Disparity
Stakeholder Alienation
Tribal Relations
AK/BC Fish Interception
Comm/Rec Halibut Catch Quotas

Add to, subtract from or replace any of the items above---and it still adds up to one FUBARed, hell of a mess.

The team of present Fisheries Mgrs. and AAGs has either contributed to this nightmare, or has done little or nothing to remedy any of the above. Nearly all of this has happened or been accelerated during their watch.

Conclusion: Why should any one (or all) of them be up for renewal or promotion? Looks and sounds like a plan that would only produce more of the same, or make things worse--if that is at all possible. Little wonder Jim Unsworth went back to Idaho.

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