Mike sent this change to the 2017 season. Sorry on the formatting of the numbers but easy to figure.

Hi all,

During the spring NOF meeting, the regulation package for the Grays Harbor planning model that was provided to you had a treaty/non-treaty imbalance of Chinook harvest favoring the State. Although these imbalances have occurred before, the co-managers asked for both sides to make some fish management changes to both address this imbalance as well as make more progress toward spawner escapement objectives. We discussed ways to make changes that would minimize impacts on our fisheries and agreed to make the following changes: going mark selective for Chinook in the Humptulips River and North Bay Area 2-2 for the full recreational season. There is also a change in the non-treaty commercial schedule. Due to 3/4 conflicts, the four days originally scheduled during week 46 in Areas 2A/D will be rescheduled to Monday through Thursday in week 45 (see attached planning model). These modifications will change our terminal impact as follows (NOR = natural origin recruits (wild), HOR = hatchery origin recruits)) (these do not include our ocean fisheries impacts):

Impact differences Chinook Coho Chum
Original Model 1,558 1,861 5,406 5,617 4,755
Revised 797 1,862 5,477 5,666 4,998

These changes will require us to file a supplemental CR102. If you are interested, we can schedule an advisor meeting before filing the supplemental next Tuesday.
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