OK here are the " Talking Points Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor Settlement Agreement " and it gives you a little better read on things outlined in the settlement.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has completed a settlement agreement with Tim Hamilton, Art Holman, and Ron Schweitzer that resolves litigation regarding commercial fishing in Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay for the 2013 season. Rather than prolonging litigation, all parties have agreed to build on a shared interest in enhancing communication between the Department and recreational fishers, ensuring a strong technical foundation for salmon fishery management, and improving the integration of the North of Falcon fishery planning and the rules process.
All parties recognize that salmon play an integral role in the commerce, recreation, and cultural identity of the people of the Pacific Northwest. This is particularly true along the Washington coast, where salmon are an economic mainstay for communities, a focal point for tribal life, and an important link between the ocean and interior ecosystems in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor.
The Agreement reflects a shared interest in the conservation of salmon in these basins and in building support for the salmon resources among commercial fishers, recreational fishers, and outdoor recreation enthusiasts.
Key elements of the agreement include:
• Ensuring a strong technical foundation for salmon fishery management by enlisting the assistance of independent fishery scientists to review the rates used to project the mortality of salmon released in commercial fisheries.

• Increasing the public’s ability to participate in season setting and fisheries management by developing a web page with Grays Harbor information on fishery catches, spawners, and the basis of spawner escapement goals.

• Initiating a series of workshops to:

o assist the public in understanding how fishery management in Grays Harbor is conducted, seasons are set, and the processes used;
o increase the accuracy and reliability of models used to set fishing seasons; and
o develop in-season indicators of salmon abundance to enable adaptive management.

• Director Anderson will request that the Fish and Wildlife Commission provide him with direction to initiate the development of a Willapa Bay Fishery Management Policy for implementation in the 2015 North of Falcon process. In addition, following adoption of the policy, the Willapa Bay Management Plan will be revised in a manner consistent with the policy.
These elements of the agreement are designed to enhance conservation of the state’s salmon resource, improve public trust, and develop a solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship with all stakeholders.
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